Super fast to Setup & Pay 😎.

There's no better way to describe it.





Just Tap It

Just Tap It

All you need to know about Neokey 🔑.

Now shop using your Neokey, accepted over a wider network
of contactless merchants. Just tap to pay.

Fast & Secure

Wearable devices can make contactless transactions with in the user in a very brief period.

Comfort & Convenience

The most significant benefits of contactless payment are faster transactions and shorter queues at checkout.


Say goodbye to bulky wallets once you go cashless. Your wearable is all you need to make your payments.

Use cases:

  • No Queuing

    Consumers do not need to queue at the checkout counter to make purchases; instead, they simply tap on Neokey and the transaction is completed.

  • Virtual Wallet

    Neokey is also a virtual card that can be used to make online transactions in the same way that a regular debit or credit card does.

  • Convenient

    Customers don't have to worry about carrying a bulky wallet around with them because Neokey serves as both an accessory and a payment device.