Card variety

Issue both physical & virtual cards to give the flexibility your card programs and client demand require.

Real Time (JIT)

Approve or decline each transaction based upon your business logic and spending control using Just-in-time feature.

Unique Card

Custom controls provide you with more flexibility in how, when, and where you utilize the cards.


Neokred APIs and webhook are PCI DSS compliant so that you focus on only writing the business logic.

Branding Control

Customisable co-branded cards, webhook and apps to match the look and feel of your brand.

Secure Payment

An increased level of security and privacy where the risk will be only a limited amount added to your wallet.

No bank account

Prepaid cards don’t require a bank account for their usage.


The users are safe from overspending more than the limit by posing a restriction.

Built in compliance

Neokred's financial product come baked-in with regulatory compliance so that you don't have to worry about writing any additional code.

Use cases:

  • Neobank

    Get to know your customer financials. Trace the ICP. Ideal customer persona. Customize your prepaid card to reinforce branding.

  • Fleet Operator & Gig Platform

    Issue pre-loaded cards to your agents and drivers and automatically manage your fleet network with ease.

  • Corporate & Marketplace

    Digitize your employees benefit program and replace the traditional coupons.

  • Platform & Aggregatorss

    Monetize your partners spend. Over pre-paid cards to corporates on your platform and nurture long lasting partnership from the start.